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Satomi Yoshizane

Yoshizane Hair: Black. Later grey.

Eyes: Brown

Height: Around 6'.

Origns: Retainer to Ashikaga Mouchiuji, later Lord of Awa.

Satomi Yoshizane was retainer to the Ashikaga Mouchiuji. At the battle of Yuuki, Yoshizane's father, Satomi Suemoto, said to his son, "Get land for the family!". Yoshizane fled the Battle of Yuuki in 1441, and after a long time at sea, a white dragon appeared in the heavens, leading Yoshizane to land: the province of Awa.

After landing, Yoshizane met the former retainer to Jin-yo Mitsuhirou Kanamari Hachirou Takiyoshi. The two overthrew the wicked Yamashita Sadakane, and Satomi Yoshizane took over northern Awa. Yoshizane than had to deal with another problem: what to do with the beautiful Tamazusa.

Yoshizane was beguiled by her lovely charms and wit, and said he would simply banish her. Hachirou changed his mind, and Tamazusa was executed. Before losing her head, she cursed the Satomi house, saying Yoshizane's grandchildren would walk the earth as dogs.

A generation later, Yoshizane was married to Isanko, and they had a daughter and son. Fuse was always fond of the family dog, Yatsafusa, and Yoshinari lived to be a samurai. In 1457, Yoshizane was at war with Anzai Kagetsura, the last opponent in Awa. The Satomi were losing, and Yoshizane said to Yatsafusa as a last ditch attempt that if the dog brought him Anzai's head he would recieve Fuse-hime's hand in marriage. The dog returned. Despite Yoshizane's protestations, Fuse went through with the marriage.

We meet Yoshizane again, in 1477, when the Dog Warriors gather to Awa. He's at war with Hikita Mtofuji, and the Satomi are again losing. He's encountered by hitmen of Hikita, but is saved by Shinbei. He then learns of the warriors fate brought to take Hikita's head.

When we first meet Yoshizane he seems a fair and just lord and father. Later it's revealed he killed without a second thought. He also shows the dark side of wanting to win so badly he would kill his own daughter. He also doesn't care of the Dog Warrior's health, but just likes the fact they're on his side. He loved his family though, as he weeps in the anime when he fells Yoshinari. At the very end, he's reduced himself to a babling idiot, not fit to the rule the land he lost so much to gain.

Yoshizane makes a good commander. He obviously knows his battle plans. However, much of what he does in the anime is influenced by Shinbei. He's also very determined, resorting to ask the family dog to help him. Good vitality and wits for a man his age later on.

We first meet Yoshizane in the very first chapter of the novels. We also see him first in The Kaliedoscope.

We really don't see him fight, but I suspect he's got a good katana and wakizashi set.

We really don't see him fight, but I guess he could handle himself for while if it came down to it. He's usually got someone by his side to aide him.

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