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Inuta Kobungo Yasuyori

Kobungo Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: Probably 6'4 or 5.

Age: 18

Origins: Gyoukutou, Shimousa province.

Spirit Bead: "Tei" (Brotherly Affection)

Birthmark: Peony mark located on upper inside right leg (in the novels). It is never revealed in the anime.

Born December 1459 to Bungobee in Gyoutoku, Shimousa province. Since his family is not of the samurai class, he has no official last name. In 1474, Kobungo killed the worst man of Gyoutoku. The man's name is Inuta, and the Dog Warrior is called "Kobungo the Inuta Killer". This is where he gets his last name.

Kobungo used to drink and fight all the time, but one time, his father was killed ia brawl. By his father's body he found a bead, engraved with "Tei". He then peacebound his sword and became a pacifist, and continued the family business of running the Konaya Inn.

When fugitives Shino and Genpachi are found in the Toni River, Kobungo takes them in. When a sick Shino coughs up his bead, Kobungo and Genpachi all realize their connection. His sister Nui and her husband Fusahachi also stay at the Inn that night. At dawn, when Niiori has the Inn surounded and demands the fugitives Inuzuka and Inukai, Kobungo finds out Fusahchi turned them in. To protect them, Kobungo breaks his vow of non-violence and fights Fusahachi. When Fusahachi kills his wife, Kobungo takes his head.

Later, when Chudai stays at the Konaya, he tells the four of their destiny and renames Fusahachi's son Daiahchi to Shinbei. The three continue to Ohtsuka, to meet up with Sosuuke.

Kobungo is gentle and caring. He's the keeper of peace between the feuding Dog Warriors. Just by seeing Shino and his bead, he really figured out he was innocent. He's willing to protect them and break his vow of pacifism. He gets angry though, especially when young Shinbei becomes a machievialist. Not very bright, however.

Kobungo is very strong. He's also got a large heart to match his size. An imposing but caring demeanor. Good vitality and ability to take blows and press on.

Chapter 33 is his enterence in the novels. He appears in the anime in Demon's Melody.

Kobungo is seen with a katana and naginata in the anime.

His strength and size makes hima strong, if somewhat slow opponent. He did do excessive fighting while he was drunk, but he probably lost his skill when he peacebound his sword. He's also the champion at Sumo.

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