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Inuzuka Shino Moritaka

Shino Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: Around 5'10 or 11.

Age: 17

Origins: Ohtsuka, Musashi province.

Spirit Bead: "Kou" (Filial devotion)

Birthmark: Peony mark located on right arm.

Born August 1460 to Tatsuka and Bansaku Inuzuka. He was born in Ohtsuka, Musashi province. Shino was dressed as a female for the better part of his childhood to escape the wrath of the gods.

In 1477, greedy Hikiroku insisted that his brother-in-law Bansaku give him the Murasame sword, but Bansaku refused. To make things worse, Aboshi Samojirou "attacked" the Inuzuka dog, Yahirou. Hikirouku insisted that the Murasame blade be given to him as payback. Not giving up, Shino's father commited hara-kiri, entrusting Shino with the sword.

Later that evening, Shino went to put the suffering Yashirou out of his misery. As he cut the dog's neck, a small bead flew out and hit his arm (this is where his birthmark appears). The bead said "kou", maening filial devotion.

Hikiroku and Kamezasa allowed Shino to present the Murasame to the Ashikaga, as well as made a proclomation of his marriage to their adopted daughter Hamaji. With this, Shino left for Koga. This was June 18, 1477.

While on the river Senju, Shino was attacked by Himkiroku's servant Gakuzou. As the two clashed swords, two beads fell from their tunics, and the two realized their connection. Shino continued to Koga, wher he was accused of assassination, and fled, only to be cornered by Inukai Genpachi. The two were fighting, when Fuse-hime separated them with a lightning bolt, and both plummeted into the Toni River. The two were saved Inuta Kobungo and brought to Gyoutoku.

In the village, Shino fell into a coma, unaware of the battle for his life being fought outside. He awoke to find the bloody carcasses of Nui and Fusahachi, and Chudai with his other three spirit brothers. He and Genpachi continued then to Ohtsuka, to meet up with Sousuke. When they found out that he was held captive and to be executed, the teo saved him.

Shino is a very solemn man. He's quite serious about what he does and he's very caring. He could probably be considered the Dog Warrior's leader, as he keeps the group together. Shino shows compassion, care and the makings of a good samurai. He's probably the most acceptive of the Hakkenshi's destiny. He loved Hamaji deeply, and it's his driving force to fight on.

Very caring, serious, and focused. He's willing to sacrafice all to get Hamji back. Intelligent enough to see things through, but kind of level headed.

In the novels, he walks in in chapter 16. Dark Music of the Gods is his enterance in the anime.

In the novels, he uses the Kiri-ichimonji and the Murasame. In the anime, he weilds the Murasame for awhile, but later uses an ordinary katana.

Shino was likely trained under Bansaku, an honourable warrior. He knows much of the sword, but isn't exceptionally skilled like some of the other Dog Warriors. It's also natural that the Hakkenshi are born fighters, so it's mostly inate skill.

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