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Inukai Genpachi Nobumichi

Genpachi Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: Around 6'1 or 2

Age: 18

Origins: Susaki, Awa province

Spirit Bead: "Shin" (Faith)

Birthmark: Peony mark beneath right eye (in the novels), and left eye in the anime.

Born the 20th of November 1459, in Susaki village in Awa as Genkichi. He spent most of his life growing up in Koga, though. On the 7th night from his birthday, his father Nukasuke cuts a fish, and a bead reading "Shin" appears. Genpachi keeps it.

Genpachi's father was very poor, and he couldn't buy food for Genpachi as a baby. So he went fishing in a no-fishing area. He was arrested and deported to Awa province. He was very hungry and couldn't walk, and was on the brink of despair. He decided to put both him and the baby out of thier misery. A samurai came by and said, "Never die! I will give you the money. In return, give me your ravaged baby." Nukasuke agreed. The samurai was Inukai Kenbee, a retainer at Koga.

Genkichi grew up in Koga with his new foster father, and his occupation as a prison guard made his connections with Inuta Kobungo and his family. However, for some reason or another, he was locked in a cell by Arimura, a retainer to the Ashikaga. He lived in the cell for around a year. In the anime, he found his bead in the dark prison.

When Inuzuka Shino became wanted for trying to assassinate Nariuji, they decided to send the wild prison guard whom they locked up long ago. Genkichi agreed and hunted dow Shino. At the top Haryuu-kaku, they were about to kill each other, but Fuse-hime broke them apart with a lighting bolt. They fell into the Toni River, where they were rescued by Kobungo.

In Gyoutoku, Genkichi changed his name to Genpachi, and helped Kobungo ward off the guards come for Shino and he. He then assised Shino on setting Inukawa Sousuke free from execution.

Genpachi is a wild and crazy guy. He's very friendly, and willing to put his life on the line for a just cause. His life seems to have made him kind of a nut, but deep down he's a very quick and depp thinker. He feels for eveyone and eventually really bonds with the other Hakkenshi. He's a good friend to have a round.

Genpachi is very honest, sincere and caring. He almost immediatly is concerned for Shino and Sousuke at Ohtsuka. His fighting skills also make him a good ally. He can do some pretty nifty stuff in the middle of a crisis, and he's a quick thinker.

Genpachi enters in the novels in chapter 31. We see him in the anime in Horyu Tower.

He uses a naginata to capture Shino in Koga, but afterwards, he uses a Kusari-Gama, a small sickle with a long thin chain or rope. He's also a good martial artist.

In the anime, Genpachi as shown enough skill to be as good as Keno or Dousetsu. He's a very quick fighter and pretty strong. Genpachi has the master license of martial arts of the Nikaimatsu school. Nikaimatsu Yamashiro-no-suke is the most famous martial arts master in the Hakkenden world. This makes Genpachi the strongest fighter of his brothers.

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