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Satomi Yoshinari

Yoshinari Hair: Black

Eyes: Borwn

Height: Around 6'1 or 2.

Origins: Son to Satomi Yoshizane, lord of northern Awa.

Yoshinari was born in January of 1444, the proud son to Satomi Yoshizane. He grew up as a samurai and was a devoted retainer.

Yoshinari was given the task with Kanamari Daisuke to assassinate Anzai Kagetsura. When the got to their opponent, he ripped apart their troops with the power of Tamazusa's curse. Yoshinari went to attack, but Daisuke slapped his horse, and his steed left the battlefield, with Yoshinari calling back to friend.

Back at Takita, Yoshinari was trying to atone for his cowardice, but was cut short by his father's dismal words of defeat. He stuck by his father's side, and when Anzai was killed, he was given Tateyama castle.

In the novels he has had eight daughters by the time he meets the Hakkenshi. One of these is Hamaji-hime (his sister in the anime). His eight daughters marry the eight Dog Warriors.

Yoshinari as a retainer is faithful and dutiful to his father Yoshizane. He cares about the fate of the Satomi and it's people. He doesn't consider the Dog Warriors as family though in the anime as he says "I could care less whether you Dog Warriors live or die." He does not however share his father's vision of obliterating anything in the Satomi's way.

A faithful vassal to his father. Exceptonal fighting and command skills were also probably passed down.

Chapter 8 or 9 is his enterance in the novels. The Kaleidoscope is where we first see him in the anime.

Yoshinari weilds a katana.

Yoshinari probably has some good skill with the sword. In the novels he leads the Satomi troops against Hikita and Uesugi, but in the anime he doesn't see much action. Also he should definatly stop ambushes, as he's always gotten snared by the spirit of the curse in the anime.

Morikawa Toshiyuki (as a young man). Naoki Bando (as a grown man).

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