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Inuzaka Keno Tanetomo

Keno Hair: Aubern

Eyes: Brown

Height: Around 6'0 or 1.

Age: 11 (Note that his revenge in Taigyuu-rou Hall doesn't take place until 1479. Keno is actually 13 when he enters the story)

Origins: Inuzaka, Sagami province.

Spirit Bead: "Chi" (Wisdom)

Birthmark: Peony mark located on right arm (in the books). It is never revealed in the anime.

Born in January 1466. Keno was born in the village of Inuzaka, in Sagami province. However, he grew up in Kamakura, capitol of the Kanto.

When Keno was around 6 years of age, his father Inuzaka Iahara Tananori went to deliver the two prized flutes to Koga, the Yoshino and Arashiyama. He was ambushed, however and killed by a lord named Makuwari and his retainer Komiyama. The two took the Arashiyama flute believing the Yoshino lost. Keno found his father's carcass, as well as a shining bead marked "Chi". He swore revenge on Makuwari's house, who later became the head of the Chiba clan.

To get closer to his target, Keno took the guise of a female dancer, called Asakeno. He started his journey for vengeance. Around this same time, Kobungo rceives posession of the Yoshino flute.

In the nearby village of Ishihama, Keno sees the Yoshino flute in Kobungo's hands. He asks him where he got, but when a bull breaks lose, Kobungo breaks the coversastion to save the unbeknownst son of Makuwari. While the Dog Warrior is distracted, Keno switches the Yoshino for a stick. Komiyama, head of the town, also sees the Yoshino, and he arrests Kobungo.

When Kobungo is found innocent Keno visited him in his room. Kobungo realizes Keno switched the flutes, but doesn't find out why. When Makuwari arrived, Keno dissapeared. The group proceeded to Taigyu-rou Hall.

At Taigyu-rou, the dancer Asakeno came to perform. She started with a solo on the magical Yoshino flute, which attracts a spirit (Keno's father) to play on the other. The harmony starts toppling the building, and when Komiyama saw what was happening, Keno killed him and revealed his identity as Iahara's son. Guards attacked, but Keno gracefully dispatched them. At last, the only suriviors were Makuwari and his son. Keno is about to kill the boy, but Kobungo stoped him. The two fought, but Chudai arrived and broke their blades. Their spirit beads appeared, and the two realize their connection.

Keno is Dousetsu times ten. He's willing to destory the entire Makuwari house. He's calm and patient, waiting for the attack or the right moment to. He's completly passive when he's exacting revenge. It's kind of scary. He assesses the situation and makes one, lethal, winning move.

Keno is a very adapt fighter. He's also clever, quick and (as a female) has stunning charms and beauty. Very graceful and passive.

He appears in the novels in 56 (as Asakeno) and in 57 (Taigyu-rou Hall). In the anime, Taigyu-rou Hall is his enterance.

He uses a katana, edged fans, and retractable sai/daggers.

Keno is about as fast as a human could evr get. He can perform amazing mid-air manuevers, recoil from attacks very quickly, and hold his own against many warriors. His ability to look a situation over and then move also reflects his ability as a strategist.

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