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Inumura Daikaku Masanori

Daikaku Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Height: Probably 6'3 or 4.

Age: 17

Origins: Akaiwa village, Shimoutsuke province.

Spirit Bead: "Rei" (Proper Form)

Birthmark: Peony mark located on right hip (capter 62). Left upperside (chapter 85). In the anime it is on his right posterior.

Born in 1460 in Akaiwa, Shimoutsuke. His original name is Kakutarou, but in 1465 when his father Akaiwa Ikkaku is killed by the Ghost Cat and replaced by the demon, Kakutarou was taken in by his uncle, Inumura Norikiyo. Upon learning of his father's death and replacement by the Ghoast Cat, he changed his name to Daikaku.

Daikaku's fiance, Hinaginu, had become mysteriously pregnant. This caused a feud between Ikkaku and his son, as Ikkaku belived she was with another man. Ikkaku disowned his son, and although, the swollen belly was merely due to Hinaganu's swallowing of Daikaku's bead, instead of giving it to their wicked step-mother Funamushi, it would only be after tragic events that the Dog Warrior learned this.

Genpachi arrived and Daikaku quickly discoverd they were spirit brothers. Genpachi tried to convince Daikaku that he should take Hinaginu back. Later, Ikkaku asked for Daikaku and Hinaganu to re-instate them to the family, if they would swear absolute devotion to him.

When asked about an injury to his eye, Ikkaku persuaded Hinaginu to do anything to help him, and said he needed the gall-bladder of an infant, as well as the heart of the mother, to cure it. Seeing he refered to herself, Daikaku's fiance commited hara-kiri, and the "Rei" bead fell from her stomach. Daikaku realizes what fate has put him through at this moment. Seeing this, the Ghost Cat/Ikkaku attacks Daikaku, but is slain by Genpachi.

Daikaku is very emotional. Although a bit dense (it takes him a while to get what his father means when he lists the ingrediants to cure his eye), Daikaku is a very passionate man. Like every other Dog Warrior, he's gone through a lot for "destiny". He seems more of the type to avoid fighting and relies on thinking things through rather than extreme force. Very solmen.

Daikaku grew up in the mountain wilds around Akaiwa. This makes him a good climber, yet poor swimmer. He is also educated thouroughly in the arts of pen and paper, and is very knowledgable.

In the novels, chapter 61. His appearance in the anime is The Legend of the Ghost Cat.

His short blade is his real father's ceremonial blade. In the anime he uses a nagamaki, a wicked looking spear.

Daikaku hasn't shown very many fighting abilities, but I suspect he has excellent skill. Ikkaku is supposedly the best swordsman in the area, and he would have trained Daikaku until the Dog Warrior went to live with his uncle.

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