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Inukawa Sousuke Yoshitou

Sousuke Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'8 or 9.

Age: 17

Origins: Hojou, Izu province.

Spirit Bead: "Gi" (Duty)

Birthmark: Peony mark located on left area on his back (in the novels). It is on his left arm in the anime.

Born on the 1st day of January 1460. He was born in Hojou, in Izu province (Sousuke is the only Dog Warrior born outside the Kanto). He was clutching a bead when he was born, marked "Gi", and since then he has kept it in a pouch on him.

His father, Inukawa Neritou Eiji, went to see the Ashikaga Masatomo, to offer advice. The Ashikaga got angry, though, and Sousuke's father slit his own belly. Because of this, Sousuke and his mother were banished. She went to see her cousin, Amasaki Yajirou, who was a retainer to the Satomi in Awa. They did not make it.

The two collapsed in Ohtsuka village, exausted from the trip and poor weather. They fell on the doorstep of greedy village head Hikirouku. Hikirouku paid for Sousuke's mother's funeral, who did not survive. He employed Sousuke as a man servant, and forced the name Gakuzou upon him.

Sousuke grew up with his adopted sister Hamaji, and the two are also friends with Inuzuka Shino. In 1477, Shino is Hamaji's betrothed. After the tradgedy of Bansaku, Shino says good bye to Hamaji to deliver the Murasame sword to the Ashikaga. Hamaji, in a more politically advatageous marriage, is given to the jindai Higami Kyrouku. Sousuke is sent to kill Shino and bring Hikirouku and Kamezasa the Murasame.

As Sousuke attacked Shino on the Senjou River, their beads fell from thier tunics and they relized their destined relationship. Sousuke returned home as Shino continues to Koga. On his way home, Sousuke happened upon the slain Hamaji and Dousetsu. A fight left the two parting, unbeknownst to either the other was a brother. He buries Hamaji and hurried home.

Sousuke is sweet and caring, and very brave. He's willing to protect his abusive masters because of duty! He really felt for Hamaji, and Shino, whom he never really acknowledged until the two Dog Warriors discovered their destiny together. Everyone kind of treats him like a younger brother. He feels much anger towards Shino, but that is released when he discovers Hamaji-hime and battle.

Sousuke is brave and heartful. He loved Hamaji and would easily give his life for her. Eventualy, he's ready to give it for the other Dog Warriors too.

In the novels, he enters in chapter 20. In the anime, we first see him in Dark Music of the Gods.

In the books, he uses a long sword (Ozasa) and short (Ochiba) set called Yukizasa. The set belonged to his father, and after he dies, the set is sold in Kamakura. Keno's father buys the set, and when he dies, the blades are sold in Gyoutoko, where Kobungo buys it. When the two dog warriors meet, Kobungo returns the blades to Sousuke. In the anime, he uses the Kiriichi-monji, the Ohtsuka heirloom blade.

Sousuke isn't as good as many of the other Dog Warriors. Sure he can handle himself for a while, but he's bound to lose due to lack of experience. He's been a slave/servant most of his life, so he's really not as trained as even Shino. He's shown amazing endurance thought to fight till the end, especially to protect a brother.

Yamaguichi Kappei

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