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Inuyama Dousetsu Tadatomo

Dousetsu Hair: Dark Brown/Black


Height: Around 6'2.

Age: 18

Origins: Nerima, Musashi province.

Spirit Bead: "Chuu" (Loyalty)

Birthmark: Peony mark located on left shoulder.

Born in 1459. Birthplace is Nerima Castle, in Musashi province. Dousetsu's father, Dousaku, had two mistresses. One gave birth to Dousetsu, while the other bore a girl, Mutsuki, who later would be named Hamaji. Hamaji's mother, having given birth to a daughter, was so jealous she poisoned Dousetsu and his mother. Hamaji and her mother were banished. Dousetsu survived the poison, and set out in search of his half-sister. In 1477, Uesugi Sadamasa wipes out the Nerima clan, including Dousetsu's father. Dousetsu swears revenge, at any cost.

To accomplish this, he takes the guise of the monk Jakumaku-doujin Kenryu. He perfoms "magical deeds", and on the night of June 19, he would bathe his body in a ritual of purification on Marutsuka Hill. The evnt was stopped however, by Uesugi's retainer Ohta, who knew of Dousetsu's identity. The Dog Warrior tricked Ohta and disssapeared.

Later, when Aboshi Samojirou brought Inuyama Hamaji to Marutsuka to be killed, she was saved by Dousetsu, who said he was her brother. He engaged Aboshi to save his half-sister, but ended up felling her due to Aboshi's illusions. He in turn also killed Aboshi. As Hamaji lay dying, she told Dousetsu to return the Murasame, which Aboshi and had left, to her fiance Shino. Dousetsu said he would, but would continue using the blade for his revenge.

Upon her death, Dousetsu took the Murasame, and ran into Sousuke, returning to Ohtsuka. Sousuke was angered over seeing a slain Hamaji, and belived Dousetsu had killed her. The two fought, but not before Sousuke landed a strike on Dousetsu's left shoulder (where his birthmark is), causing a bead to fly out. The two switched beads unknowingly, and Dousetsu took off.

Dousetsu is very obsessed about his revenge. He's willing to do anything to avenge his dead father. He's the black sheep of the warriors, usually keeping to himself and doing things his way. He's not fond of being bugged (especially by Genpachi), and keeps away from most of the other Dog Warriors. He does warm up to Shino though, but that's about it. He loved Hamaji, even though he barely knew her and her mother had poisoned him. He's very exitable though, which could lead to his downfall.

Dousetsu will stick anything out until the end. He's very determined. Great fighting skills and dexterity, too. He's got a lot of skill in combat manuevers, but he unfortunatly relies on his fire bombs and can rush head in to achieve his own goals.

He enters in the novels in chapter 28. His enterance in the anime is in The Futility Dance.

He uses a katana. He does use the Murasame for a short while, but only to complete his revenge. He also uses bombs of gunpowder, which have proven very useful.

Great ability. He's very agile and quick to act. He's definatly one of the better Dog Warriors. His reliance on his fire bombs is a con, but he can quickly recover. Also, he rushes in battle to pursue his obligations.

Yamadera Kouchi

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