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Satomi Hamaji-hime

Hamaji-hime Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: Around 5'3 or 4.

Origins: Awa province. Later raised near Mt. Ana, Kai province.

In the anime, Hamaji-hime was brought to the care of Mukusaku near Mt. Ana in Kai province. She was carried by an eagle and was wearing such a beatiful kimono Mukusaku suspected her of royalty. She grew up with them happily until Inuzuka Shino arrived.

Shino, after the scattering by Uesugi and feverish, had fallen into a bear trap. Mukusaku and his family nursed him to health, and Hamaji felt strangely connected to him. Shino really felt she was his fiance Hamaji, but turned the other way. When Mukusaku was murdered, Shino was blamed, and he and Hamaji escaped. They were cornered, but rescued by Dousetsu, haunted by his memories of his sister's death.

Sousuke arrived, and fought Shino, for his love for Hamaji and grown into a deep rage. They stopped short when Hamaji intervened, however, and Sousuke reflected on himself. Hamaji was then taken by Aboshi, the final link in his plans.

Throughout the anime series, Satomi Hamaji-hime is used as a catalyst for the spirits of Inuyama Hamaji, Fuse-hime, and Tamazusa.

Hamaji is caring of the three Dog Warriors that were bound to the other that bore her name. She acts confused during the Satomi-Hikita Wars, being shuffled by spirits endlessly for a while, so she doesn't really have any idea of her identity. She is deeply protective of Shino, and cares for his well being. She knows she is destined to become his wife, and wants a good life with him.

Protective and caring, and brings out the best in Shino, Sousuke, and Dousetsu. Devoted love to Shino.

Unclear in the novels, chapter 68 or 131. Hamaji's Ressurection is her enterence in the anime.

Hamaji-hime uses a wakizashi once to protect Shino in the anime, but otherwise carries no weaponry.

Hamaji-hime has no apparent fighting abilities.

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