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Kanamari Hachirou Takiyoshi

Hachirou Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Height: Around 6'2 or 3.

Origins: Retainer to Jin-yo Mitsuhirou of Awa

Kanamri Hachirou was a proud retainer to Jin-yo while he was lord of Awa. He brought up some complaints about Yamashita Sadakane, however, and was blinded by his lord. He was then ordered out. As he left, he happened upon a new ally: Satomi Yoshizane.

Yoshizane helped Hachirou and his son, Daisuke, to gather the villagers and overthrow the new lord, Sadakane. With this act, Yoshizane was able to take over northern Awa. At the sentacing of Tamazusa, Hachirou forced the charmed Yoshizane to execyte the woman, lest Satomi was being controlled by her witchly charms.

Yoshizane and Hachirou worked together to regain Awa. However, Hachirou, loyal to only Jin-yo, commited hara-kiri, and Yoshizane had lost a potential ally. Yoshizane now had control of northern Awa.

Hachirou iis a devoted and loyal retainer to his lord. However, he's willing to do whatever is necessary for the greater good and justice. His sense of duty is clearly defined when he attempts to talk Yoshizane out of going easy on Tamazusa. His hatred for Yamashita Sakuzaemon Sadakane, however, may have blinded him from seeing things clearly.

Hachirou is devoted to every lord he's ever served. He also seemed a good retainer, as he was the last to be expelled from Jin-yo Mitsuhirou's court in Awa.

Kanamari Hachirou enters in the novels in chapter 2. We meet him in the anime in Dog Warriors in the Netherworld.

Kanamari uses a katana.

From what we see in the anime, Hachirou seems to be a very well balanced sanurai.

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