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Satomi Fuse-hime

Fuse Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: Around 5'6 or 7.

Origins: Awa

Fuse was born in July 1442, to Yoshizane, now lord of northern Awa, and Isanako. She grew up in times of war and depravity, and she reached young adulthood during the Satomi-Anzai Wars of 1457.

Fuse was always fond of the family dog Yatsafusa. She was also at the time betrothed to Kanamari Daisuke, but they had to postpone matrimony due to the outbreak of war. She always had a dream that Awa was to become a utopia.

Fuse was being baraged by strange dreams, in which visions of eight warriors were fighting demonic forces. Little did she realize these men were to be her offspring. Then Yatasafusa arrived with Anzai Kagetsura's head in his jaws, and she eventually learned of the devastating promise her father had made. She honoured her father by fulfilling the bargain.

She and Yatsafusa were wedded, in heart and spirit, and they left the Satomi for the sacred Tomi mountains. She carried with her a rosary of 108 beads, the prominent ones baering characters saying An animal gets Buddha's saving grace. There they lived for a year while Fuse discovered through yet more dreams of the curse upon the house of Satomi. She was also told she was pregnant with Yatsafusa's offspring: a litter of eight.

When Kanamari Daisuke abandoned the Satomi, he lived in seclusion, but came out after hearing of Fuse-hime's marriage to Yatsafusa. When he shot Yatsafusa, the bullet richocheted and hit his beloved Fuse as well.

As Fuse lay dying in her lovers arms, she told Daisuke of the curse, and asked for his help to break it. Upon this the characters chaged, now representing eight virtues of Confucisism. Then she commited hara-kiri, and the rosary flew towards the heavens. As 100 beads fell towards the ground, the eight prominent ones flew to the four winds, to be born with Fuse''s children.

Fuse is loving and devoted to her family. She risked marriage with Yatsafusa to keep her father's honour. She inspires good and knows what's right. She is relaxed in most situations, and seems to be able to reason things out well. Affinity for her children, the Hakkkenshi, and devotion to the Satomi, and Chudai, of course.

Extreme love, devotion and kindness. Ability to interact with the spirit world, and therefore as divine powers. Also enhance Daihachi/Shinbei with the holy power fo her spirit.

She enters in chapter 8 of the novels. Her first appearnce in the anime is The Kaleidoscope.

Fuse never fights, and never carries any form of weaponry. She does hold on to Daisuke's seppaku blade after she believes him dead, and uses it to commit her own suiccide.

She seems to not have any fighting abilites. She probably would have Yoshizane, Yoshinari, or Daisuke in the event that she was in combat.

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