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Hikita Motofuji

Hikita Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Height: Around 6'5 or 6.

Origins: Mt. Ibuki, Oumi Province (in the novels). His origins in the anime are not clearly defined.


The history for Hikita Motofuji in the anime differs heavily than that of the novels. I will discuss him from the anime first.

In the anime, Hikita Motofuji is taken in by bandits when he's a boy, whose mistress asks him to preform special "services". But the bandit catches him, and tries to kill the boy, but Hikita runs off into the wilds. Hikita finds himself caught in the middle of his destiny, as he stands on the spirit bridge, with two choices: Join the Satomi, or go against them. He chose the latter. He runs off, and washes on the shores of Awa. In years later, Hikita Motofuji became a warlord, and determined himself to control Awa.

In the novels, Motofuji was born the son of Tadatori Sekiroku, the leader of a group of bandits in Oumi province. His father got arrested though, so Motofuji ran away east to the province of Kazusa, taking his father's hoard of wealth. He changed his name to his mother's family name, Hikita, because now the name Tadatori was wanted. In Kazusa, Hikita saved the people there with the money. Lord Komariya attempted to arrest Hikita, but Hikita killed him and became the leader of Ishimi county.

In 1482, Hikita had grown. Now alone and grown old, he wanted to marry. He asked Satomi Yoshinari to give him his daughter as his wife. When Yoshinari rejected, Motofuji got angry. In 1483, Hikita captured Yoshinari's son Yoshimichi. Yoshinari attacked Hikita, but the magician Myouchin helped Motofuji, and they could not win. Yoshizane comes back, with the Dog Warrior Inue Shinbei. The holy warrior goes to Tateyama castle, and arrests Hikita. Motofuji is banished.

But Myouchin helps Hikita get his castle back, and he and the Satomi go to war again. Shinbei again is sent to Tateyama, and kills the two of them.

Hikita is different from most of the other enemies of the Hakkenshi. He shows a lot of emotion, as he's very charasmatic. He's very strong and resiliant, mostly due to the fact he's lived on his own for a long time. He's determined and a quick strategist. In the anime, he starts to fall in live with his captive Hamaji-hime. Another show of emotion.

Very strong, quick thinking and determined. Also very confident in his abilities. Tall and imposing demeanor. Motivational speaker.

He first appears in the novels in chapter 98. We first encounter Hikita in the anime in Spirits as a young boy, and as a grown man in Dog Warriors in the Netherworld.

A katana and later in the anime, when Inue Shinbei cuts his left hand off, a prosthteic claw.

Very strong and quick thinking. In the anime he could easily have killed Shino in episode 13. His fight with Shinbei doesn't really count since Shinbei is divinley enhanced. Could give a quick Dog Warrior like Genpachi or Dousetsu a good fight but ultimatly lose due to slow movement.

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