Here's my page to different Hakkenden links. If you have a link or page, mail it to me if you want to add it. Thanks.

Official Pioneer Page: Not too great, but hey, they made it. Give 'em a pat on the back.

Marriage Prospects by T. Weimer: This page has many marriage "resumes" of different anime characters. Hamaji and the three Dog Warriors who love her are here. I found it pretty funny.

Synedria Central: A shrine to the Hakkenden. Lots of great images (I borrowed my sketches from here) and tons of information. Also includes interviews with staff members.

Hakkenden Hakuryu-Tei: Sonobe Souan's site. The GOD of the official novels and friendly to boot. Available in English and Japanese, TONS of info on the original story. Great maps too.

The Hakkenden: A very good site for beginners. Not very many spoilers and good info. Great images too.

Anime International Company: AIC's page. Good, but not very much on the Hakkenden. Check it out, though.

The Ibuki Maya Shrine: My brother's site to the cute, short haired technician from the awesome Shin Seiki Evangelion.

Animeart: An anime link site. They put my site up on their page, it's only fair I do the same.

Anipike: The anime web turnpike.

Makoto's Hakkenden Sancutary: Not that cool, but cool animation stuff.

Angel's Hakkenden Gallery: A gallery of cd and box art images from the Hakkenden.

Tamaka-san's Hakkenden Site: A very nice site for the Hakkenden by Ms. Tamaka. Only in Japanese, unfortunatly, but it's got some beautiful artwork.

Rolemaster: The World of Saridia: My RPG campaign using ICE's Rolemaster system. If you role-play, you'd probably enjoy looking this site over.

The Sorceress' Knight: A Shrine to Seifer Almasy: A site devoted to the kick-butt Seifer from the video game Final Fantasy VIII.

: Amazon Anime's Link Exchange. A new site, but I suspect it will become very good. You can buy some nice stuff from there as of now. Worth a look.

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