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Tamazusa Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Height: Around 5'6 or 7.

Origins: Concubine to Yamashita Sadakane, in Awa.

In the year 1441, the greedy Yamashita Sadakane killed Jin-yo Mitsuhirou, and took over northern Awa. At his side was the beautiful woman Tamazusa, and through her charms and seductions the two became a froce to reckoned with.

When Satomi Yoshizane and Kanamari Hachirou took over Takita castle, Tamazusa was captured. She was to be executed, but her char,s led Yoshizane astray, leading him to lessen the punishment to banishment from the province. Hachirou, unable to let any who murdered his lord get away, talked him back over, and Tamazusa was to be executed.

For Satomi not thinking of her needs and not being charitable, Tamazusa spoke: The Satomi grandchildren shall be cursed to walk the earth as mongrel dogs. And then her head was cut off. She placed the dreaded curse on the Satomi house that would follow him to the grave.

At first, Tamazusa seems to just play along with Sadakane. But then she places the deadly curse on Satomi because she felt he was not "charitable". She's downright wicked and probably wanted Awa as badly as Sadakane. She says women have had no place in the world. Maybe she wanted to change that. Also, every tradgedy that's happended to the Dog Warriors is her fault, and she doesn't seem to care until she realizes how much plight she's put them through.

Sexy and charming. Able to capture men in her grasp and twist them to her own desires. As a spirit she has movement in the spirit world and the ability to make the afflictions that haunt the Hakkenshi.

She enters in the novels in chapter chapter 6. In the anime we meet her Dog Warriors in the Netherworld.

Tamazusa carries no weapons.

Seemingly none as a human, but powerful spiritual connections as a spirit.

Katsuki Masako

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