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Other Characters

Inuzuka Bansaku

Shino's father, half brother to Kamezasa Ohtsuka. During the battle of Yuuki, Bansaku's father gives him the Murasame to give to Ashikaga. Bansaku protects the blade for over 40 years, and when Shino comes of age, entrusts him with it. When Hikirouku attempts to take the blade, Bansaku commits hara-kiri.
Bansaku is one of the few "noble samurai" we meet in the series. Everyone else doesn't seem to follow bushi-do very much. In fact, the Dog Warriors don't do a great job at that either.

The Ohtsukas

Hikirouku and Kamezasa are the foster parents to both Inuyama Hamaji, and Inukawa Sousuke. They are also the heads of Ohtsuka village, after they get it from Bansaku, Kamezasa/s half-sister. Their greedy ambition leads to their helping Aboshi Samojirou obtain the Murasame blade. They wish to present to the jindai Kyrouku Higami, in hopes of gaining court favor. They offer Hamaji as a bride as well.


The loyal Satomi dog, who brings Yoshizane the head of Anzai Kagetsura. Later it is revealed that he also was around with Tamazusa as a puppy. Yatsafusa is the reicarnation of Tamazusa, and the embodiment of the curse.
When Yatsafusa weds Fuse-hime, he gives birth to the eight Dog Warriors. He could be considered their "father", but Chudai makes a more reasonable one. Yatsafusa also passs the curse to Myouchin the wizard. He is killed by Kanamari Daisuke when he goes to rescue Fus.


A female aspect of the curse like Aboshi Samojirou. In the novels, she is the worst women the Hakkenshi encounter. She tries to kill Kobungo twice, in Musashi and Echigo provinces. She also weds the Ghost Cat so fate would play out and Hinakinu would kill herself. She is killed by Kobungo and five other Dog Warriors.

Myouchin the Wizard

She is a magical racoon dog. In Japan, it is belived that racoons or foxes can use magic. She gives milk to Yatsafusa, and Tamazusa passes the curse to her. She then hates the Satomi. She then helps Hikita Motofuji in the Satomi-Hikita wars. Because of her magic, the Satomi cannot win. Luckily, the holy Dog Warrior Shinbei comes to the rescue. Myouchin's magic is of no use against Shinbei's powers, and she is slain.

Toukuyou the Priest

He is the chief of Ippiki-ji Tample in Yuuki. He hates Chudai and attacks him in Yuuki. Chudai with the Hakkenshi's help defeat Toukuyou and he runs to Kyoto. At the capitol, he is encountered by a one-eyed tiger, who eats him. The tiger is shot by Shinbei.

Kawagoi Suketarou Takatsuga

He's Uesugi Sadamasa's loyalist. He is arrested though, and he escpaes to Awa province. He becomes a retainer to the Satomi to fight against Uesugi, and changes his name to Masaki Daizen Takatsugu.

The Jujo Brothers

Rikijirou and Shakuhachirou are both Inuyama retainers. They help Yatsuhei find Dousetsu, but unfortunatly die in their attempt. They come back as spirits to combat a demon Ohta. They leave behind their wives, Hikute and Hitoyo.


Yashirou (W)Obayuki is also an Inuyama loyalist. He was a good friend of Inuyama Dousaku, and admires Dousetsu. He lives his life out as the ferry man to Ohtsuka village, changing his name to Yatsuhei. He is killed when Uesugi attacks his hideout and scatters the Dog Warriors.


She is the neice of Inumura Daikaku's original mother. She was givent to the care of Akaiwa Ikkaku, and lived with family when she was young. Later, she and Daikaku decide to get married. When thier mother dies, they are yelled at by the now false Ikkaku and his second-wife, Funamushi. She swallows Daikaku's bead imstead of giving it to Funamushi, her belly swells, and everyone believes she is unfaithful. She later commits suicide, proving she isn't caryying a baby. Daikaku's bead falls out when her belly is slit.

Retainers to Uesugi

Ohta Shinrokurou Suketomo hunts down Inuyama Dousetsu, and finds him on Marutsuka mountain, attempting to arrest him. Dousetsu escpaes and he leaves. When Dousetsu tries to kill Uesugi, Ohta again hunts him down. He finds him and holds Hikute for ransom, asking for the Murasame and the Dog Warrior's gun powder. He turns into a demon and the spirits of Rikijirou and Shakuhachirou defeat him.
Kamodou Sabohei tries to kill Dousetsu when he comes back for the Uesugi stand in's body. He gains an upper hand, but is run through and loses his head.
Kosugi Toyasu is never seen, but he stands in as Uesugi and is killed by Dousetsu. His head is taken by the Dog Warrior.

Makuwari and Komiyama

Makuwari and Komiyama both plotted to kill Inuzaka Keno's father Iahara (in the anime to obtain the two flutes of Chiba). They were then hated and hunted down by Keno. Makuwari meets his death when Keno massacres Taigyuu-rou Hall. He finds and kills Komiyama the same day the six other Dog Warriors kill Funamushi.

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