Basic Moves of RyuTen no Kiri Kenjutsu

Since many have complained about what exactly I've been doing in combat, I've written it down.

Kamae: Posture reflecting combative spirit.
Chudan no Kamae: Basic stance. Sword at middle level, extending upward and outward.
Jodan no Kamae: Sword overhead.
Gedan no Kamae: Sword at middle level, pointed down.
Hasso Kamae: Sword held up vertical, hands by shoulder, left or right.
Waki Kamae: Sword held downward by thigh, left or right.

Shomen Uchi: Downward/front strike.
Naname (k)giri: Diagonal (oblique) cut.
Kiriage: Cut upwards.
Yoko Uchi: Lateral cut.
Tsuki: Thrust.


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