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Inuyama Hamaji

Hamaji Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: Around 5'3.

Origins: Nerima, Musashi province

Hamaji was born Mutsuki to Inuyama Dousacu and his mistress Ayame. Ayame was so enraged when Dousacu's second mistress gave birth to a boy. Having only a daughter, she poisoned young Doustesu and his mother. For this, Ayame and Mutsuki were expelled from the Nerima house.

Mutsuki was adopted by Ohtsuka Hikirouku and his wife Kamzasa when she was a baby, so she knew not of her original lineage. She grew up happily with her adopted brother Gakuzou (Inukawa Sousuke) and her soon to be betrothed Inuzuka Shino. When she came of age, the Ohtsuka's arranged for her to marry with Shino, but when they had the opportunity for something better, the secretly arranged one with the jindai Higami Kyrouku.

When Hamaji learned of this, and that the Ohtsuka's had "made certain" they were rid of Shino, Hamaji became severly distressed. Loving no other soul but Shino, she set out to kill herself, but was stopped by the ambitious Aboshi Samojirou.

He took her Marutsuka mountain, where he would delight in torturing her. His plans were interupted by the enterance of Dousetsu, claiming he was Hamaji's brother. He immediatly fought Aboshi, but Aboshi used magic to trick Dousetsu. In an attempt to slay the demon, the Dog Warrior fell his own sister. Hamaji died tragically on June 19, 1477.

Extremly devoted to Shino and loved him deeply. She would give her own life if not marry him. She's got a motherly instinct and a charm and etiquette rare of woman in thos times. She is one of the most heartfelt characters in the entires series.

Loving, devoted, and caring to Shino, and her adopted-brother Sousuke. Inspires those Dog Warriors and her half-brother Dosuetsu to fight to the end.

Not very clear, but I believe Hamaji enters in chapter 17 or 18 of the novels. Dark Music of the Gods is where we first see her in the anime.

Hamaji does not fight nor carry any form of weaponry.

Hamaji has no fighting abilites.

Hisakawa Aya

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