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Dark Music of the Gods

A year after the death of the princess, Satomi Fuse, a woman in the village of Ohtsuka, in the province of Musashi,, prays for a child. Fuse decends the heavans and answers her wish. The woman, whose name is Tatsuka, became the wife of the ronin from Yuuki, Ohtsuka Bazaku. In time, they are granted with a child. His name in Inuzuka Shino.
Eghteen years later, Shino saved his finace' and village chief daughter, Ohtsuka Hamaji, and her brother, Gakuzou, from bandits attempting to kill them. He returned that night to his father with tears in his eyes.This was Shino's first taste of combat.
Back at the village, a reluctant old Bazaku was arguing with his brother-in-law and village chief. A stocky man named Hikirouku. This was for possession of the fabled sword, Murasame. This sword was the treasure of the Muromachi Shoganate. Whoever possesed it would rule the Kanto, the largest rice plain in the Japan. However, Hikirouku backed off at the adivice of a man named Samojirou Aboshi, an official from the Jindai's castle.
Inuzuka Shino, who was coming back from washing blood-soaked clothing (which are now dyed pink!) runs into Aboshi and Hikirouku, and is advised to stay away from Hamaji. Neither Shino nor his dog companion, Yoshirou, seem like the devilish Aboshi, as they walk down the road to his house.
At home, Bazaku tels Shino the story of the Murasame sword, and how it became the Inuzuka family's task to escape from the field of the battle at Yuuki, and present the sword to it's rightful heir: Lord Ashikaga Nariuji.
Meanwhile, Hikirouku and Samajirou plot to "make" Bazaku give up the sword by severly wounding Yashirou, but instead, Bazaku commits hara-kiri, and tells a horror striken Shino that he must present the Murasme sword to the Ashikaga.That night, Shino puts his dog out of its misery, and kills him. A small bead flies out at hits him on the arm, revealing a small peony-shaped birthmark. The bead has a small characetr in it: "Kou", the chinese character for filial devotion.
With the evnts that happen, Shino's marrige to Hamaji is announced publically, and Hikirouku and his wife, Kamazasa allow im to travel to Koga and present the Murasame to Ashikaga. However, Kamazasa has heard that the Jindai, Higami Kirouku, has consented on marrying Hamaji. Knowing this as the best opportunity to gain wealth and status, along with the presentation of the Murasame sword, decides to send out Gakuzou to kill Shino. She gives him back his family name of Inukawa Sousuke Yoshitou, and the Ohstuka sword the Kiri-ichimonji
The day Shino leaves for Koga, he meets with Hamaji, and they sadly part, and Hamaji is determined to be his bride. Shino encounters Aboshi a short ways outside of the village, who mocks the young boy. After a hopless battle, Shino loses possesion of the Murasame, which Aboshi Samojioru switches with a cheap immitation. He dissapears, and Shino leaves for Koga once more. Unbeknowingly carrying a fake Murasame sword.
On the Toni River, Gakuzou, named now Inukawa Sousuke, finnal cvatches up with his query. A short battle ensues, and two beads fliy out of the young men's clothes. The two stop. On the raging river, two Dog Warriors met face to face for the first time.

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