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Episode 4: Horyuu Tower

We learn Shino nears Koga, still yet unaware of the fake Murasame sword in his possession. He sees a firefly, and thinks of Hamaji.
Gakuzou, now Sousuke Inukawa, nears Ohtsuka village. He wishes to return to Shino, but feels he must first inform his parents of Hamaji’s death. As he nears the manor, the bead in his tunic starts glowing, revealing the character “Chuu”. He thinks this odd, as his bead always read “Gi”. He hurries towards the manor.
Inside the Ohtsuka house, the jindai Higami Kyrouku is very upset due to Hamaji’s unknown whereabouts. Hikirouku and Kamezasa offer him what they believe the Murasame, but the jindai sees it is fake. His servant attempts to kill Hikirouku, but is blinded by a lantern being thrown in his face. As he screams, guards come in wondering what has happened. The jindai smiles as his servant, now a ravaged beast, kills the guards, and goes after the Ohtsuka’s.
Sousuke enters the manor, seeing everyone fleeing. He learns of a monster in the house, and goes in. When he encounters them, a huge demon has them both dead in his grasp. Sousuke tries to avenge them, but the servant-demon attacks him. He cuts it, but the two parts reform into another two monsters.
Sousuke is thrown around the house, and demon attacks him, lifting him up. As this happens, the “Chuu” bead flies from Sousuke’s tunic, and he grabs it. He throws it at the demon and impales it, and the monster explodes in a bright flash.
Kyrouku’s younger brother, Shahei, sees the flash. He enters the wreck. Sousuke tumbles through the roof, amidst all the dead bodies. Shahei, seeing Sousuke, believes the Dog Warrior committed this horrendous act. He does not believe Sousuke’s excuse of a monster and has him arrested.
Meanwhile, Shino enters Koga on June 21. He takes residence at the house of Yakabori Arimura, a retainer to lord Koga. When asked of his visit. Shino shows the Murasame sword, and Arimura wishes to inspect it. Shino objects and Yakabori finds this improper. He stops upon discovering the Ashikaga crest on the cloth, and tells Shino he better have the Murasame, or leave town.
Shino waits for three days to no avail. In the bathhouse, he is encountered by a monk knowing of Shino’s birthmark and spirit bead. Shino wonders who is there but is interrupted by a message of escorts to Koga castle. The monk tells Shino that the Murasame will bring misfortune, and that he should rid himself of it.
Shino enters Koga castle, and waits for Ashikaga Nariuji’s opinion of the gift. He asks Arimura to inspect it, and the crown discovers Shino does not have the Murasame. The Dog Warrior is charged of attempted assassination, and runs. He is cornered after Aboshi’s magic laughs at his plight, and is encircled by guards. Shino fights his way out, knocking the Ashikaga unconscious.
The retainers wonder what to do about Inuzuka, and Arimura suggests sending someone dreaded after. They go to the prisons and unlock Inukai Genpachi. He is promised his old post as a prison guard if he captures Shino.
Shino, now on the roofs of Koga, flees the ensuing guards. All of a sudden, Genpachi breaks through the roof and starts attacking him. Their fight leads them to the top Horyuu tower. Upon learning each other’s names, Shino’s bead and one from Genpachi, marked “Shin” fly out from their clothing. Genpachi is about to kill Shino when a bolt of lightning, sent by Fuse, separates the men and crushes the tower. The two fall into the Toni River.
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