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Dubbings from the Hakkenden...redone...

From Dark Music of the Gods:
Hamaji: Gakuzou....
Inukawa: Come Hamaji, I'll be poorly dubbed if we don't get home soon...

From The Futility Dance
Hamaji: What do you mean this is our destination...?
Aboshi: The River Styxx...we're one step closer to being poorly dubbed...
At this point it should be noted Hamji breaks down...^_-

From Aspirations of Paradise:
Inukai: Dousetsu! We get to be poorly dubbed! You too Shino, we get to be poorly dubbed!
Inuzuka: Oh yeah?
Inukai: Yeah. I tell you Pioneer's really pushing it...

From The Kaleidoscope:
Fuse-hime: (Learning of Yatsafusa's treachery and cursed behavihour)Yatsafusa! If you come one step closer, I'll dubb myself!! (She's willing to commit suicide in the anime)
Yatsafusa here turns in shame and walks off.

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