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Kanamari Daisuke Takanori

(The Buddhist Priest Chudai)

Daisuke Hair: Black. Later bald.

Eyes: Brown.

Height: Around 6'3 or 4.

Origins: Son to Hachirou, then retainer to Satomi in Awa.

Daisuke was a young lad when he and his father were expelled from Jin-yo Mitsuhirou's service. The two later met up with Satomi Yoshizane, and Daiksuke helped his father and Yoshizane overthrow Yamashita Sadakane. He was witness to Tamazusa's cursing of the Satomi. When his father died he joined Satomi's army.

In 1457, Daisuke was betrothed to Yoshizane's daughter Fuse-hime. He and Satomi Yoshinari were sent to assassinate Anzai Kagetsura in one last attempt to win the war. When they found Kagetsura, he was aided by the curse and defeated their forces. Daisuke, realizing his opponent, had Yoshinari fled as he sacraficed his own life to let Satomi escape.

But Daisuke lived. And after ayear of reclusive living, due to his failure, he discovered Fuse's wedding to the dog Yatsafusa. He went out after them, and had the dog within range of his gun. But as he fired, he also accidentally shot Fuse as she stepped into range. He hurried to her fatally wounded body.

As his fiance lay in his arms, she told him of the curse upon the Satomi. Fuse asked him to help, then slit her belly. Daisuke saw her rosary of 108 beads fly into the air, and eight prominent ones fly to the four winds. To soothe Fuse, he became a monk, and took the name of Chudai. In 1458, h began his quest.

Chudai, in the novels, really doesn't know of the Dog Warrior's existence until he stays at the Konaya on July 22, 1478. He's able to think things through though and evetually tells the Dog Warriors their purpose.

Chudai seems very honour bound and determined. He's willing to go through Hell to help Fuse's dying wish. In a way, we could call him the Hakkenshi's father, as he resembles them more than Yatsafusa. He thinks ahead, and in case of emergency, is always there to help the Dog Warriors. He's very virtuous and one of the more friendly characters in the story.

Knowledge of the curse and its affects. Ability to be there to help out the Hakkenshi in times of need. Loyal and virtuous. Booming, charasmatic voice. CHUDAI VISION.

Between chapters 1-7 as Daisuke. Changes his name to Chudai in chapter 14 in the novels. The Kaleidocope sees him first as Daisuke, then he appears as Chudai in Horyu Tower.

Before he turns to priesthood, he uses a katana. As Chudai, he carries a shakujo, the five-ringed holy staff of many monks.

We really don't see Chudai fight, but he's skilled enough to ward off even Shinbei and break Kobungo and Keno's blades. As Daisuke he probably had reiceved official samurai training, and really applied himself as well.

Masashi Ebera (as Chudai)

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