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The Rosary of Fate

On Breaking of the Spirit Beads:

Notice that when the 7 dog warriors follow Shinbei, they all "break" their beads. This is because Shinbei is already on the wrong path.
Shinbei is Sympathy, but he places his Sympathy on the plight of the Satomi family, thinking that he must defend the whole family from the evils of Tamazusa and Aboshi. Not realizing that Fuse's father is the real curse, he walks down the wrong path.

What happens to those who follow?

One last side note:
When Genpachi hurls the bead, thinking he has turned from his path...hurling his bead at Shibei... it comes back to him. Shinbei thinks this is a sign of his path being correct, but this is not the case. I think the bead comes back to Genpachi because Genpachi's choice is the correct choice. After all, when Douesetsu tried to act in an ignoble way...the birthmark caused him pain and he was forced to do the right thing... the action of the pearl seems to me to be in connection with that same kind of action.

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